I love your boots for Cooper even if it isn't that cold out as it protects his paws from all the salt, antifreeze etc.. keeps him safe. They fit and stay on great, we will defiantly be getting him the next size once he grows out of his smalls. Great design! I have recommended them to everyone I know with a dog. We are very happy with your product - thanks so much!
Mandy from Calgary

Siena is enjoying her walks more in her new Pawsh Pads - Paw Protectors boots!
Siena walked through high snow this morning and on salted sidewalks without crouching down once to lick her sensitive paws. She's well protected, comfy and looks darn cute too.  🐶💕 #australianshepherd



Molly Moldovan to Pawsh Pads - Paw Protectors

Kanya, in her pink Pawsh Pads, which match her collar, of course!

Kanya never ceases to surprise me. She waited patiently for the three of us to get out the door, both she and Roscoe in their Pawsh Pads. But... once we got outside, this 10-year old poodle princess started galloping and zooming around the front yard like a poodle possessed. Over and over again, she built up a good speed and then put on the brakes, sliding on all fours like a pro! Such fun to watch, but I had Roscoe on leash and didn't have enough free hands to take pics. Here she is in a more dignified, sedate pose.

Charlie loves his new Pawsh Pads. They're the first boots that he has ever let us put on him....and they stay on too! Great product and great customer service. Thanks Pawsh Pads!- Arden-Jan 3-18



Thankfully Henry’s Pawsh Pads arrived just before the big storm. We LOVE them! So well-made and a breeze to put on. I’ve wasted time and money buying inferior products, glad I’ve discovered these- highly recommend!

 loves his new Pawsh Pads. They're the first boots that he has ever let us put on him....and they stay on too! Great product and great customer service. Thanks    


Pam-River Good Thank you for these! River would not have made it the past week without his pawsh pads 

 Odin is three years old this is his first time in boots. We we're out for an hour and half.Pawsh pads DID NOT fall off, spin around or need any adjustments.He went through deep snow I expected I would have to go fish for a boot to my surprise he came out with all four.These boots were a success. Odins paws thank you pawsh pads- from Adele (Niagra Falls)


Oct 12-18

This is Elli’s 2nd pair of Pawsh Pads. Pawsh Pads are amazing! Very easy to put on! I have tried numerous boots on Elli and they always fall off or make her walk funny . Pawsh Pads have solved all my problems ! Elli loves them and walks proudly ! I will always buy Pawsh Pads !


I bought many winter dog shoes for my little girl Niña and they all did not work, until I got these wonderful shoes, they are easy to put on, they do not fall, they are comfortable, they are water resistant ... they are the best winter shoes for dogs in the market thank you to Pawsh Pads - Paw Protectors for making them.


Purchased Pawsh Pads back in January. Went for a walk today with our Yorkies. Booties stayed on the whole walk which is an accomplishment compared to other booties we've tried before 🙃. Just love them😍. Worth the purchase👍🏼
Wonderful product!😉



Maria or Thornhill, Ontario

These are the best boots we've ever had. My dog loves them. They keep his paws clean and safe in the winter. He can go for long walks and I don't have to clean the floors after. Thank you.



No other snow boot has fit as well on my Scottish Terrier Maggie's extremely short legs as Pawsh Pads. They go on easily, paw goes right to the end of the boot, the boots don't drop off in the snow, and she actually gallops happily along the sidewalk. No more chasing her around the apartment to get her boots on. A great purchase!

Jamila-September 25, 2015

Thank you Pawsh Pads for the awesome quality boots for my boy, Joey Jax . Joey developed an ulcer on a paw pad back in June after we started chemo. We have been fighting an infection in the Pawsh Pads since then.. numerous boots that fall off, and just sucked. These boots stay on, support and protect him. Great product!

"Thank you for the Pawsh Pads product. I have two dogs, both under 25 pounds, and I found all other products to be too stiff to stay on. Also it seemed clear these other products were not very comfortable. Pawsh Pads on the other hand are obviously comfortable for both my dogs, who are both adult rescue and came to wearing shoes later in life. We tried EVERYTHING and Pawsh Pads are the ones for us! Dave, from Toronto"